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DAM the WOLF (104.7 FM)

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DAM the WOLF!!!!!!!!


The Dam Rock station (104.7 FM) has been murdered by the big wigs up at Clear Channel. This was Fargo, ND's only rock station.

Contrary to popular belief, Q98 (98.7 FM) does not play "everything that rocks."
Clear Channel is only perpetuating the stereotype that all North Dakotans are hicks. We are diverse, just like any other city.
SIGN THE PETITION!! (It's in the Guestbook)

Do what you can. Write letters to Clear Channel and/or the Forum and other local newspapers. Let's get the word out.
SIGN THE PETITION (in the Guestbook)!


Miss 104.7 FM the DAM? It was Fargo, ND's only true rock station and now it's gone country. Please help! Sign the petition! Let's stick it to the man.